Services & Fees

Local & Distant Sessions

Psychic Readings

$80 - 1 Hour


Energy Healings

$80 - 1 Hour


The Emotion Code®





Three - Half Hour Sessions

$210  Three - 1 Hour Sessions

Emotion Code & Energy Healing

Improve Physical, Mental, & Emotional Health and

Well Being


Evidential Mediumship

Connecting with Loved

Ones in the Afterlife

   1 person - $80/1 hour

   2 people - $100/1 hour

   3 people - $125/1 hour     

   4 people - $175/1.5 hr


(Members of the same family)

Psychic Reading with

Energy Alignment

$125/90 minutes

The energy alignment is done as you lay fully clothed on a massage table. Working in your body's energy field, I clear and balance your energy centers (chakras), and energy channels (meridians).  Some results are boosting energy levels, enhancing the immune system, pain relief, mental clarity, clearing of negative energy, and more.


Energy Healing

Reiki & Reconnective Healing

$210   three - one hour  

sessions Pain Management,

Pre/Post Surgery, Pre/ Post

pregnancy, PTSD, etc



Intuitive Counseling

$280  Four- One Hour 

Weekly Sessions

Personalized Plan for

Moving Forward



Shangri -La is seen as both a place and an era of Enlightened consciousness. 

The Tibetans say that the need to find paradise elsewhere is what keeps us from having it.

 Wherever Shangri -La is, the search for it continues.